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Welcome to the nOvum clinic

Our clinic has been active since May 1994. Our specialization is infertility diagnosing and treatment. We cooperate with a leading German infertility treatment center in Essen.

The nOvum clinic employs all infertility treatment methods available to the contemporary medicine.

Scientific research and advances in medicine in the recent years have allowed treatment of cases which were hitherto incurable.

We are here to help you fulfill your dream of having a baby. Our results prove we have a big chance of succeeding.

We wish a lot of commitment and optimism to you, and a good, fruitful cooperation to us all. And a lot of hope, too. It does help.

Katarzyna Kozioł i Piotr Lewandowski
and nOvum staff

About ourselves

Głos nOvum w debacie społecznej na temat in vitro
Przychodnia nOvum aktywnie angażuje się w działania Stowarzyszenia na Rzecz Leczenia Niepłodności i Wspierania Adopcji „Nasz Bocian” , które prowadzi społeczną akcję edukacyjną na temat in vitro w Polsce.

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dr Piotr Lewandowski dr
Piotr Lewandowski
Head of the clinic, obstetrician-gynecologist specialist

dr Katarzyna Kozioł dr
Katarzyna Kozioł
Head of the laboratory, obstetrician-gynecologist specialist

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The nOvum clinic
Bociania 13 street
02-807 Warszawa

+48 (22) 899 33 30
+48 (22) 566 80 00

+48 (22) 899 33 49

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